Voluntary reporting on disability

Government guidance for voluntary reporting on disability, mental health and wellbeing.

A framework to support employers to voluntarily report on disability, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

What is the voluntary reporting framework?

The framework has been developed by the government in partnership with large employers and expert partners (including leading charities) to support organisations to record and voluntarily report information on disability, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Who is the voluntary reporting framework for?

The framework is aimed at large employers with over 250 employees but can also be used to support smaller employers who are keen to drive greater transparency in their organisation or industry.

Why has the voluntary reporting framework been published?

The government believes that transparency and reporting are effective levers in driving the culture change required to build a more inclusive society.

The independent Thriving at Work review conducted by Paul Farmer and Lord Dennis Stevenson, published in October 2017, recommended that employers should report more information about their actions on workplace mental health on a voluntary basis.

In November 2017, the government’s Improving lives command paper committed to working with partners, including employers, to develop a framework for voluntary reporting on disability and mental health.

The framework itself is a short guide to support employers to take a first step on the journey towards greater transparency.

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