Good meeting guide

A guide to a good meetings from young disabled artists.

This guide was developed by young disabled artists, but is good practice on making any meeting accessible.

Manifesto for a good meeting

Before the meeting

  • Tell me the time I arrive and the time I leave
  • Tell me how many people will be in the room
  • Tell me what the room will be like
  • Tell me where there is a quiet space in case I need to take time out
  • Keep meetings small. Large numbers of people can be overwhelming. Small meetings are easier to take part in
  • Plan meetings to run between 20 minutes and 1 hour

At the start of the meeting

  • Let me get to know the room
  • Tell me the do’s and dont’s of the meeting
  • Lower background noise
  • Offer refreshments

In the Meeting

  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • Use plain English
  • Explain any words that are short form
  • Let me know when you are speaking to me
  • Don’t talk over me
  • Make some of the meeting practical
  • Don’t think I am being rude if I fidget or move around
  • Don’t ask me too many questions
  • Be patient
  • Give me time to take part in the conversation and contribute
  • Offer regular breaks to refresh the mind
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