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The story so far...

Scope and Virgin Media launched #WorkWithMe in 2017 as an awareness campaign to highlight the barriers disabled people face getting into and staying in work.

Since then Work With Me has evolved into a community of over 100 businesses, of all sizes and industries, committed to becoming more inclusive employers for disabled people.

Our partnership with Virgin Media

We’re now entering the next chapter, as the Scope and Virgin Media partnership comes to a close at the end of this year. Together we’ve achieved a huge amount. We’ve supported more than one million disabled people with the skills and confidence to get into and stay in work through the digital employment service Support to Work that we set up together.

Scope and Virgin Media are also immensely proud of the strong community of businesses that Work With Me has become. Although Virgin Media are stepping away as a formal partner at the end of the year, they’ll still be a key member of the community.

Jeff Dodds, Virgin Media’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Sponsor of Belonging, has said:

“As a business leader I have seen first-hand the benefits of employing disabled people and how they have enriched our company with sought-after skills, from diversity of thought to problem solving and creativity.”

Work With Me timeline


Launched as an awareness campaign to highlight the barriers disabled people face getting into and staying in work.


Became an employer pledge.


Evolved into a growing community of over 100 businesses committed to thinking and acting differently about disability.


Focused on the quality of connections and moving our community online in a Covid-19 world..


Continue to grow the community and facilitate meaningful connections while building the programme on business insights.

We couldn't do it without you

Work With Me’s community has achieved a huge amount since launching and we have our members to thank for making it a success so far. As a result of joining of the community, members have implemented disability actions plans, feel more confident talking about disability and much more!

We recently asked members to complete a survey around the impact the community has made in their organisations.

Here are some of the successes our members have had since joining:

  • 85% of members said being part of the Work With Me community given them more confidence in having conversations and to take positive action on disability inclusion within their organisation.
  • Since joining the community, all respondents now measure data around disability.

We want to take the opportunity to thank our members for being part of a movement, committed to creating inclusive workplaces for disabled people.

A message from Mark Hodgkinson, Chief Executive at Scope

"From everyone at Scope we would like to say a huge thank you to you for leading the way on disability equality in the workplace through your membership of the Work With Me community and also to Virgin Media for making this happen. Through your support and commitment as part of the Work With Me community of over 100 business members we can together strive to make disability equality in the workplace a reality for everyone. This will be an incredible achievement we can all be proud off."


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Our events are a great opportunity to learn about disability inclusion with other businesses.

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